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I have owned and operated Massage Therapy and Wellness for 25+ years. I am a state licensed massage therapist. I feel so blessed to have such rewarding work! I have wonderfully motivated clients who have enjoyed increased good health as a result of making massage therapy a regular part of their life. It has always been my goal to give pain relief, increased range of motion and to bring joy to my clients lives. I educate and encourage clients to do their part in attaining and maintaining good health. My consistent advice over the years has been 4 things they can do to get an edge on life. 1: Breathe! 2:Walk 3: Drink water 4: Stretch. These 4 things are free and can add tremendous benefit to anyone's life. Working with 1000's of clients over the years has shown me the real need for the basics and stretching is one of my personal favorites. I have never doubted this is the work I was meant to do, I love it more with each passing year! Looking forward to meeting you, Tori 

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