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Talking during your massage?


I always talk with a new client about this on their first visit. I let them know that talking is up to them although I recommend allowing the mind and body to rest during their massage. The client may have questions or concerns and I always want them to feel comfortable asking at anytime during  the massage.


Your massage therapist may need to “check in” with you a few times during your first massage session to ask if the pressure is good, the room is too warm or too cool etc. As we get to know each other and feel a level of trust, we as the therapist feel assured our client will let us know if they need anything.


It is also our job as your therapist to read your body signals. If a client has something as obvious as goosebumps we offer a blanket. We may notice you tucking your hands under your body in an attempt to warm up. At other times when you stick your feet out from under the blanket we know you are too warm and adjust the blankets, room temp accordingly.


It is our job to let you lead a conversation. I see that as a subtle skill that has to be practiced. I have had some clients come right in and ask if I am going to talk. I say only if you ask me something. Others have complained they knew more about their therapist's personal life than was necessary. Our work is nurturing, loving, healing and caring work but we must always remember it is also professional. We are here to serve our clients needs to the best of our ability and to respect their need to “check out” for the next hour.


Next post will address clients who DO like to talk. I always welcome feedback and personal experiences.



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